JoJo Rabbit (2019) | Official Trailer 1

Few things lend themselves to comedy and coming of age dramas as Adolph Hitler–or so Taika Watiti seems to think seeing that he’s written and directed a drama+comedy=dramedy that’s centered around a little boy who when times get tough leans on an imaginary hero, the aforementioned Hitler. Though if you’re thinking Hitler is too fraught […]

Overlord – Final Trailer

In these days of false equivalency, when there are very fine people on both sides it’s kind of refreshing to see a movie making the heretofore noncontroversial point that Nazis are scum. And not only run of the mill scum, but truly monsters. By the way, I don’t know who designed the movie poster, but […]

‘The Monuments Men’ Trailer

When I heard about George Clooney’s latest directorial vehicle, “The Monuments Men,” I wasn’t too interested. First, ‘Monuments’ is plural, as opposed to singular, which sounds a bit odd to me. Then, there are no space ships, giant robots or aliens, so it wasn’t exactly on my radar. Till I saw the trailer. Clooney’s take […]

“Danger 5” Is On Hulu!

What do you get when you take quite possibly the strangest take on World War II ever, combined with dinosaurs, dinosaur Nazi-men, Hitler, and model work that would make old school “Doctor Who” look like  “Star Wars? You get “Danger 5,” an Australian export currently spooling on Hulu that refreshingly doesn’t even attempt to explain […]