The (Un)necessary Remake Dept – Fame

Fame (1980) Generally speaking, for me watching a musical is like going to the dentist:  I just know at some point it’s going to hurt.  I may not know when, or in some instances even how, but pain is pretty much a given. Which is why I tend to avoid musicals (and dentists), though in reference […]

‘Savages (Unrated)’ Review

“He was always trying to f*&k the way out of himself.  I have orgasms, he has wargasms.” –O What an awesomely cheesy line.  Reminds me of “Do you know what happens to a toad that’s struck by lightning?  The same thing that happens to everything else.” from the first “X-Men” film. Despite how technically proficient […]

More ‘Oldboy’ News!

According to, Josh Brolin is being sought for a lead role in Spike Lee’s take on Chan wook-Park’s “Oldboy.”  It’s seems like a good choice, because onscreen he can appear somewhat volatile, which is perhaps not too different from real life if the bar fight during the filming of Oliver Stone’s “W” is any indicator.