REview: Come Play (2020) | Horror is Child’s Play

Jacob Chase’s Come Play is a surprisingly good horror movie; ‘surprisingly’ because there’s a lot of really mediocre horror out there so movies that manage to work are worth drawing attention to. What make it such a joy for me is that any movie that makes me feel something – as long as it isn’t […]

REview: Wendigo (2001)

I suspect the admiration I feel for Larry Fessenden’s Wendigo is all out of proportion to the movie itself, but he could have easily taken the “easy” way out–monster turns up, slaughters a whole bunch of people, the end–and that’s not necessarily always a bad thing, but no matter how well it’s done it’s also […]

The Water Seems Fine

I have to admit that when I learned a bit more about Guillermo Del Toro’s The Shape of Water I was somewhat underwhelmed (partially because the color palette of the trailer seemed too evocative of earlier Del Toro films and partially because it also seemed like a stealth Hellboy prequel, which sucks because we never ended […]