The Punisher We Need

For some reason Marvel Comics’ Punisher has been a difficult nut to crack–despite the fact that the character is essentially Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson) from 1974’s Death Wish, a movie that went on to do pretty well at the box office. His first appearance was in New World Pictures 1984 movie The Punisher, and despite the criticism that surrounds that movie, […]

Has Marvel Found Its Punisher?

With Marvel Studios’ Guardians Of The Galaxy coming August 1st, there’s a lot of speculation as to what other characters they will bring to the big screen. That combined with Marvel being interested in working with Aaron Eckhart on an unnamed project, I wonder if it’s a relaunch of the Punisher.  It’s important to notice that […]

‘Stitched’ Trailer

Anyone who’s a fan of “The Punisher,”–the Marvel comic, not the 2008 movie “Punisher: War Zone, though that too was based upon a story by Garth Ennis, “Welcome Home, Frank”–or “Hellblazer,” is aware of the edgy, violent, storytelling of Garth Innis. Recently he released a trailer for a film he wrote and directed called “Stitched.” […]