‘The Equalizer’ Review

“Having OCD Was Probably Never So Awesome.” Boyhood ran for 2 hours and 45 minutes, and after awhile it felt as if Richard Linklater had it in for me because what started out as an interesting theatrical experiment devolved into a bizarre and inhumane form of punishment. By way of comparison, Antoine Fuqua’s The Equalizer ran for an hour […]

‘Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You’ Review

Significantly Less Innovative Than Boyhood, But In Its Way A Better Movie I watched Roberto Faenza‘s Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You a few days ago, and was reminded of another movie that revolved around a young person growing up, Richard Linklater‘s Boyhood. Though the thing is, Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You was […]

‘Boyhood’ Review

  Boyhood Is A Fascinating Movie More Because Of How It Was Made, Than The Movie Itself I just saw Richard Linklater’s Boyhood, and it was pretty interesting, though mostly on the technical level (it was filmed over a period of 12 years); as an exercise in innovative filmmaking.  As a movie meant to engage an audience, it’s way […]

‘Boyhood’ And Hyperbole In The Twitter Age

I just scored some tickets to Richard Linklater‘s Boyhood today.  It’t not the type of movie I typically go for, but then again, I enjoy sneak previews.  I mention it because I was checking out my Twitter feed, and noticed this Tweet from @IFCFilms: And Boyhood may indeed be as good as Rolling Stone says […]

‘Bad Johnson’ Trailer

It seems that in comedies lately it’s good to be “bad.” By my reckoning, this trend began with Richard Linklater’s classic “Bad News Bears,” in 1995 which was soon followed by the sequel, “The Bad News Bears In Breaking Training” and “The Bad News Bears Go To Japan.” “Bad News Bears” was rebooted in 2005, […]

Hulu Moves To Original Programming

According to Cnet.com, Hulu has a 13-episode commitment to “Battleground,” a comedy about a primary campaign for a Wisconsin Senate seat, “A Week In The Life,” a 10-episode documentary series about famous people, and a so-far unnamed travelogue series from Richard Linklater. Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are developing original content in order to […]