StudioADI And ‘I Am Legend’

I liked most of I Am Legend, based on the story by Richard Matheson, though my admiration stopped at the computer-generated effects, which tended toward the cartoony.  What makes matters even worse was that StudioADI was actually working on practical special effects on the movie for a time (which actually effected the way that I looked […]

‘I Am Legend’ Sequel?

There’s talk about a sequel, starring Will Smith, to Francis Lawrence’s version of Richard Matheson’s story, “I Am Legend,” which is an interesting since Smith’s character dies at the end of the film.  Now, if the story takes place prior to “I Am Legend,” I could see the logic, though logic would dictate that Will Smith […]

Richard Matheson Says ‘Real Steel’ Is The Real Deal

When I first heard about Shawn Levy‘s “Real Steel,” I assumed that it was a case of Hollywood stealing a great idea and remaking it into a sub-par feature. Richard Matheson’s story was brilliant, and I couldn’t imagine that anyone, especially Levy, bringing anything positive to the story. So, when I wasn’t implying that Matheson’s […]