Colony, Ep. 1 – Review

When we first meet Will Bowman (Josh Halloway) he’s preparing breakfast–or at least attempting to–for his family, that consists of his wife Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies, most recently of The Walking Dead) and three children, before he heads out to work. Though one of his sons is missing, and Will is doing all he can […]

Another Cast Member Exiting ‘The Walking Dead?’

After Shane (Jon Bernthal) left AMC’s zombie serial “The Walking Dead,” I assumed that the desire for other members of the cast to leave was over. It appears that I may have been wrong, because Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori) may be the next to depart.  She doesn’t actually say that she is, but it’s relatively […]


The second episode of the bifurcated Second season of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” aired last night, and it’s quite possibly the best episode so far. “Triggerfinger” expands upon a theme not unique to, though more clearly evident in the prior episode, “Nebraska,” that, as dangerous a threat as the re-emergent dead are, they don’t hold […]