‘S’ Is For Seer

As self-driving cars become more ubiquitous, the rate of them being involved in accidents will likely increase. Though driverless cars, while closer to becoming reality than ever before–were foretold pretty accurately about sixty years earlier in the British adventure series Department S (I assume that the ‘S’ stands for the first letter of the last […]

‘Skyfall’ Review

` I am not a huge fan of Daniel Craig’s James Bond—I prefer Pierce Brosnan and Timothy Dalton—though with “Skyfall” not only will he gain busloads of fans but those that count themselves among the true believers will be ecstatic. I have always had an on-off relationship with James Bond.  The Sean Connery Bond films were […]

Bond Is Back In ‘Skyfall’

Some are also calling “Skyfall” the best Bond ever.  I assume that that’s more than a little bit of hyperbole because some of the 007 films that I enjoyed most were not necessarily the best in the series.  For instance, of the Sean Connery Bond films, was never a huge fan of “Dr. No,” “From […]