Dune Made Who!? Dune Made You!

I honestly don’t think there’s a such thing as an ‘unfilmable’ novel–not any more, at any rate–especially with so many ways to present a work. You could choose network television–which brings certain advantages–or maybe HBO or Starz, or streaming options like Amazon or Netflix. You have to match the material to the venue. This is […]

Black Sails

I have never been particularly fond of pirate films.  Generally, there are too many things about them that are slightly out-of-whack for the time period.  For instance, every character, no matter what, has really good teeth (you’d always have one guy that had virtually none in his head, but that tended to be the exception). […]

Arrested Development Better Than None At All

Netflix, looking to differentiate themselves from Amazon and Hulu, have begun to develop original series, with an unspoken benefit of a (mild) lessening of the hold that content providers (such as Starz which is pulling their content from the network in 2012) currently have. The development of original series is a smart move for the […]

Starz Will Stop Supplying Movies To Netflix

According to Nikki Finke’s Deadline, Starz will not longer provide content to Netflix when the current arrangement expires toward the end of February of next year. This can be nothing but terrible news for Netflix management because Starz provides a significant amount of content, particularly movies, though there are TV shows as well. Viewers too […]