Will Warcraft Conquer Legendary’s Box Office Doldrums?

Legendary Pictures despite a somewhat acrimonious split from production partner Warner Bros, has been trying to make a go of it with Universal Pictures.

Steve Jobs – Official Trailer 1

Michael Fassbender appears to be an excellent Steve Jobs in Steve Jobs.  That being said, the trailer seems to spend a bit of time focusing on some of his more…unsavory behaviors, such has the way he was a dick toward his ex.  It comes off a bit unseemly, though I guess as long as it’s balanced by […]

Transformers: Age of Extinction – Review

“What Kind Of Cars Are Those?  They’re  So Scary.” I didn’t make up that quote, by the way, it’s an actual line from the movie, which is problematic because NO ONE talks like that, particularly when there’re being chased by a bunch of assassins.   Though the thing is, the actor who uttered the line, T.J. Miller, is always […]

Steve Jobs – Teaser Trailer

When the news came out that David Fincher was no longer directing the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, and that Danny Boyle was, people on various forums were complaining about what a terrible choice that was (especially compared to Fincher). I wasn’t amongst them because I have always thought that Boyle was a very talented director.  Everything […]

X-File A Day – “Ghost in the Machine”

You ever start something that seemed like a good idea at the time, till you realized how daunting a task it actually is? That’s what I am feeling about my ‘X-File A Day’ column at the moment. It’s a show worth revisiting, till you realize that it ran nine seasons. Then again, my mom didn’t […]

‘Jobs’ Trailer

Ashton Kutcher isn’t a great actor.  Heck, I am not sure that’s he’s even a good one.  That being said, looking at the trailer for “Jobs,” his movie about Steve Jobs and the creation of Apple, Inc., there are moments that he looks EXACTLY like Jobs. This doesn’t by any stretch means that Kutcher is […]

Apple Devours Hulu?

Edited 731 7/22 I don’t know about this rumor, but it’s too fascinating to let go.  According to Deadline, Apple is considering purchasing Hulu for $2 billion.  What’s most interesting is that the deal would include two years of exclusive programming from NBCUniversal (now owned by Comcast), Fox (NewsCorp) and Disney (who happens to have […]