Tron Lives!

Sort of… When Disney cancelled Tron 3 a lot of people were probably convinced–and rightly so– that they had seen the last of Flynn, Quorra, Clu and the other denizens of the Grid (last seen in 2010’s Tron: Legacy). It appears that that may not be the case after all because–while there’s still no traction on Tron […]

‘Tron: Uprising’ Better Than ‘Tron: Legacy?’

After watching the pilot, it seems to definitely be heading that way. “Tron: Uprising,” currently airing on Disney XD, takes place before the events “Tron: Legacy,” though for some reason it feels somewhat more intimate that the feature film it’s based upon.  Part of that is because TV tends to be that way generally, as […]

Changing A Film (Hopefully) For The Better

Sometimes, when novels and comics are adapted into movies, filmmakers take liberties with one aspect or another of the production, in an effort to create something that doesn’t alienate fans or casual viewers.  Sometimes these changes are necessary for numerous reasons, such as: a particular novel may be too long, and scenes may require cutting […]