REview: The Toll (2020) | It’s Better Than You (Probably) Think

I enjoyed the trailer for The Toll, though I’ve had enough disappointments to know that a good trailer does not a good movie make. That being said, The Toll is damn good. Part of what makes it work is the writing, which is particularly strong though what’s also worth mentioning in that in the Toll […]

The Midnight Man – Trailer

I want to trust this trailer.  After all, The Midnight Man stars Lin Shaye and Robert England (likely in supporting roles, but still) in a story about teens doing what it is that teens do, which typically (in horror movies, at any rate) is meddle with things that they shouldn’t. My uncertainty about The Midnight […]

Get Out – Trailer

I admit to being influenced by reviews a bit more than perhaps should in that if someome has a terrible time watching this or that, while it by no means guarantees that I won’t see it, though it does make it much more likely.  For instance. I was genuinely curious about The Bye Bye Man, […]