Mother! – Trailer

Darren Aronofsky is nothing if not a director who appears resistant to pigeonholing due to the variety of genres he tends to work with (though that he’s not exactly a prolific director may have something to do with it.  His last film, Noah, was three years ago; Black Swan was seven)

From Requiem To A Dream to The Fountain, he seems to seek to push boundaries (and if Noah is any indicator, buttons as well).

Mother! (Yes, it comes complete with it’s own exclamation point) appears to be some sort of horror movie–I’m reasonably certain a that that’s a mannikin of Jennifer Lawrence on the movie poster–which the director has not yet tackled (Black Swan was close, though that was more of a psychological thriller).

It’s hard to tell what the movie is about exactly–a couple appears to be moving into a new house, some people encroach on the space (they seem to have some sort of link to the husband) and suddenly everyone seems to turn against her, perhaps even the house itself.

Which reminds me of another horror movie I am very fond of.


Approaching The Unknown – Trailer

I really like this trailer.

When it begins, you could be excused for thinking that’s it’s a European remake of The Martian, but as the trailer goes on it seems to become something larger, and evokes a sense of the mystical more in common with 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Fountain more than it does a hard-science (as opposed to science fiction) take on the subject.

And that’s pretty intriguing.

The Last Witch Hunter – Teaser Trailer

This is a gorgeous trailer, which visually at times reminded me of Darren Aronofsky (high praise indeed) though I feel reasonably safe in saying that it will play like nothing like Requiem For A Dream, Pi, The Fountain or Noah (in the latter case not a bad thing, considering that it’s quite the slog.  I think it has something to do with the entire premise, which is as far-fetched as anything from L. Ron Hubbard).

As I said, it’s attractive, though what I thought it was most interesting was toward the end, where it looked like he was fighting Groot.

Which is interesting for all sorts of reasons.