Why I Don’t Care When Transformers: The Last Knight Is Coming

Suppose someone that you though of as a friend slapped you upside the head, for no apparent reason, every time they saw you. It’s less an issue of pain–it was never enough to cause physical harm–than one of blatant disrespect.  Eventually you’ll come to the point that you have two options:  Either resign yourself to this daily assault on […]

Potential Transformers 4 Titles

According to Fusible.com, the title of the upcoming Transformers film will be some variation of “Transformers: Last Stand,” “Transformers: Future Cast,” or “Transformers: Apocalpypse.”  They base their information upon domain registrations, which has proven accurate in reference to the last film, “Transformers: Dark Of The Moon.” That being said, no matter how interesting the title […]

No Surprise, Transformers Destroyed The Competition

It’s no surprise to anyone that “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” dominated the weekend box office, though how overwhelming it was may have been.  It pulled in $210 million overseas, and $162 million domestically, for a total of $372 million dollars. Now keep in mind that the film cost almost $200 million to produce, and […]

‘Green Lantern’s’ Box Office Light Dims

I wrote in a prior post that I didn’t expect “Green Lantern” to pull in any more than $40 million dollars in its Friday-Monday debut.  I underestimated its box office by almost $13 million dollars.  It’s better than my estimate, though still weak in comparison to other superhero films like “Thor” or “X-Men: First Class.” Another […]