DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Trailer

I haven’t been a fan of DC Comics-based series like Arrow (too soapy) or Gotham (too pre-Batman) but I have to admit that I like this trailer for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. It’s the adventures of the Atom, Rip Hunter, Hawkwoman, Flash, Captain Cold and Heatwave though what I like most is that it feels like […]

‘Marvel’s Agents Of Shield’ Teaser Trailer

I don’t normally post trailers for TV shows, but when those shows involve Marvel properties – or truth be told, anything that interests me – post them I shall!  Seeing that this is a teaser trailer you can’t necessarily say that how it reflects on the upcoming series, though it looks pretty good. Though I […]

“Danger 5” Is On Hulu!

What do you get when you take quite possibly the strangest take on World War II ever, combined with dinosaurs, dinosaur Nazi-men, Hitler, and model work that would make old school “Doctor Who” look like  “Star Wars? You get “Danger 5,” an Australian export currently spooling on Hulu that refreshingly doesn’t even attempt to explain […]

The ‘Arrow’ Revealed!

According to Deadline, the image to the left is the “Arrow,”(above) from the upcoming CW series.  I could just be a bit off-base, but I was expecting a new interpretation of DC’s Green Arrow (below).  Instead, it looks like they’re sticking to, essentially, the same costume as the character wore on “Smallville. Which makes me […]