DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Trailer

I haven’t been a fan of DC Comics-based series like Arrow (too soapy) or Gotham (too pre-Batman) but I have to admit that I like this trailer for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

It’s the adventures of the Atom, Rip Hunter, HawkwomanFlash, Captain Cold and Heatwave though what I like most is that it feels like it’s fully buying into the fantastical, comic book  origins of the characters, which is cool–and since The Flash, it seems that DC is bucking that trend toward “realism,” on television at any rate.

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Comic-Con Trailer

the-walking-dead1This looks awesome, though I am waiting for Season 3 to appear on Netflix.  I don’t have cable, and I purchased the first two seasons via iTunes, before AMC discovered that they had a monster hit on its hands.

Despite all the showrunner changes (the third in four seasons, which has to be some sort of record, especially considering that that typically happens when a show is doing badly, not when it’s one of the most successful shows on cable) that the show seems to be undergoing as of late, it still looks money (even though they killed off Dale, my favorite character).

‘Marvel’s Agents Of Shield’ Teaser Trailer

I don’t normally post trailers for TV shows, but when those shows involve Marvel properties – or truth be told, anything that interests me – post them I shall!  Seeing that this is a teaser trailer you can’t necessarily say that how it reflects on the upcoming series, though it looks pretty good.

Though I do see that their vehicles have the S.H.I.E.L.D logo in plain sight…

“Danger 5” Is On Hulu!

Danger 5What do you get when you take quite possibly the strangest take on World War II ever, combined with dinosaurs, dinosaur Nazi-men, Hitler, and model work that would make old school “Doctor Who” look like  “Star Wars?

You get “Danger 5,” an Australian export currently spooling on Hulu that refreshingly doesn’t even attempt to explain the insanity, instead it just throws everything, including the kitchen sink, at you.

It’s stupid, dumb, makes absolutely no sense at all, and that’s OK because that’s part of the fun.  It’s very much in the vein of “Top Secret,” “Airplane” and the “Police Squad” films.

I should say that I am still not a huge fan of Hulu–I can’t get around the commercials–but if they continue to have bizarre programming like this, I’ll continue to give them a look, despite my misgivings.

Glen Mazzara Interview and ‘Walking Dead’ Season 3 News

Yeah, I’m still somewhat bitter about how Frank Darabont was relieved of his showrunner duties on AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” though obviously not bitter enough to stop watching.

In my defense, if you’re in the desert and the only potable water you have is a bit murky and smelly, I suspect that you’ll drink deep just the same.

Anyway, The Wrap has an interview with Glen Mazzara, the current show runner, who replaced Frank Darabont.  He reveals–in a spoiler-free fashion–some of what he expects of the upcoming third season.

Speaking of which, when are they going to get George Romero to direct an episode or two?  It would be so cool to have the spiritual father of all movie zombies at the helm, if only for a little while.

The ‘Arrow’ Revealed!

According to Deadline, the image to the left is the “Arrow,”(above) from the upcoming CW series.  I could just be a bit off-base, but I was expecting a new interpretation of DC’s Green Arrow (below).  Instead, it looks like they’re sticking to, essentially, the same costume as the character wore on “Smallville.

Which makes me wonder why, if so much is staying the same, did they bother changing the actor playing the character.

Something tells, if the photo above is any indicator, that they’re going for the dark, brooding demographic.

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