Black Mirror: Bandersnatch – Trailer

According to Wikipedia a bandersnatch is a creature that appears in a novel (Through The Looking Glass) and a poem (The Hunting of the Snark)by Lewis Carroll. While never described in detail, the bandersnatch supposedly has ‘a long neck and snapping jaws’ and is ferocious and extraordinarily fast. From what I can tell from the […]

‘Contracted’ Review

“Irrelevant Details Mar What Could Have Been A Been An Excellent Example Of The ‘Body Horror’ Genre.” Eric England‘s “Contracted” isn’t a bad movie by any stretch. ┬áIt looks good, is well-acted, and competently shot. It’s also damned irritating. “Contracted” is in the vein of David Cronenberg‘s ‘Body Horror’ films, such as “Scanners,” “Videodrome” and […]