Will Smith And The Suicide Squad!

David Ayer, director of the upcoming Suicide Squad, has released a photos of the entire cast via Twitter yesterday. And it looks as if it’s following Man of Steel’s lead, by which I mean it’s going to take itself way too seriously.  As a director, Ayer is talented (I haven’t seen a lot of his work, […]

‘After Earth’ Trailer

I have heard some people complain that the Smith children–Jaden and Willow in particular–are (so far) largely beneficiaries of their parents’ success. I say: So what. Hell, if my dad were, let’s say Stephen R. Donaldson (the creator of “The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant,” The Gap Saga, among many others) and he offered me the […]

‘I Am Legend’ Sequel?

There’s talk about a sequel, starring Will Smith, to Francis Lawrence’s version of Richard Matheson’s story, “I Am Legend,” which is an interesting since Smith’s character dies at the end of the film.  Now, if the story takes place prior to “I Am Legend,” I could see the logic, though logic would dictate that Will Smith […]

(Refusing) The Role of a Lifetime

Marvel Studios upcoming “Thor” and “Captain America” look to be huge hits, but there’s no way of knowing before the films are released into theaters.  No one wants to be known for an unsuccessful film, which can potentially follow them their entire careers (John Travolta, no matter what he does, cannot shake the sheer, unrelenting […]