Aladdin | Official Trailer – Trailer Into Reaction

I admit that I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the trailer for Disney’s Aladdin…but I did. I found it surprisingly engaging and I felt I wasn’t being ‘Will Smithed’ to death (he’s a good actor but I like him better when he’s part of an ensemble or has a foil to work off of. Kind of […]

Collateral Beauty – Trailer 2

Having just seen the trailer for Collateral Beauty, initially the first thing that came to mind was Meet Joe Black, where Brad Pitt was the personification of Death (though this time the honor goes to Helen Mirren).  That is, till I noticed that Will Smith seems to be playing some sort of savant (revealed in the meticulous […]

Independence Day: Resurgence – Trailer

The trailer for the latest chapter in the Independence Day saga dropped a few hours ago, and to be honest I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Between Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Captain America: Civil War and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and X-Men: Apocalypse there are some huge movies coming out relatively soon. There’s potentially millions riding on when these […]

Concussion – Trailer

I have to admit that Will Smith portraying a character with an accent (which I can’t place.  It sounded vaguely Jamaican or Haitian, though not quite) in Peter Landesman’s Concussion caught me off-guard (as did Albert Brooks being virtually bald). That being said, I heard during Joe Rogan’s podcast that perhaps football players should consider using leather […]

Suicide Squad – Comic-Con trailer

Gotta admit that the Suicide Squad trailer looks pretty good.  My hopes drooped for a moment when I saw Will Smith during the snowy street scene (which looked very cheap, and was clearly shot in a studio), then rose in my esteem pretty quickly.

Crossbones From Captain America: Civil War!

Various movie sites have posted an image of Crossbones from the upcoming Captain America: Civil War and unlike most of the cast of Suicide Squad, he looks pretty awesome. For those of you that don’t recall, at the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier you see Brock Rumlow (Frank Grillo) in a hospital bed after […]

Will Smith And The Suicide Squad!

David Ayer, director of the upcoming Suicide Squad, has released a photos of the entire cast via Twitter yesterday. And it looks as if it’s following Man of Steel’s lead, by which I mean it’s going to take itself way too seriously.  As a director, Ayer is talented (I haven’t seen a lot of his work, […]

‘After Earth’ Trailer

I have heard some people complain that the Smith children–Jaden and Willow in particular–are (so far) largely beneficiaries of their parents’ success. I say: So what. Hell, if my dad were, let’s say Stephen R. Donaldson (the creator of “The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant,” The Gap Saga, among many others) and he offered me the […]

‘I Am Legend’ Sequel?

There’s talk about a sequel, starring Will Smith, to Francis Lawrence’s version of Richard Matheson’s story, “I Am Legend,” which is an interesting since Smith’s character dies at the end of the film.  Now, if the story takes place prior to “I Am Legend,” I could see the logic, though logic would dictate that Will Smith […]