REview: Grizzly (1976) | One of the Better “Jaws” Imitators

Having read a bit about the bizarre story behind Grizzly II: Revenge (1983) I was really curious about not only it, but the movie it’s a sequel to, 1976’s Grizzly (currently spooling on Tubi). And it’s okay though what works for a shark doesn’t quite work for a massive, 15-feet tall bear (standing on its […]

The (Un)necessary Remake Dept: The Manitou

Some people might call William Girdler’s The Manitou a ripoff of The Exorcist, and in a sense they’d be right in that both involve possession of a sort.  Then’s there’s the fact that Girdler’s film came five years afterwards, though other than that it’s a whole other animal and deserves revisiting. The movie, based on the novel […]