Disney’s Artemis Fowl – Teaser Trailer

I’ve been aware of the Artemis Fowl books for awhile now–they’re a Young Adult series from Scholastic–and they seemed pretty popular with students at the school I used to work at. And while I can’t speak for the books, this is a clever trailer!  I have no idea what it’s about–not a bad thing when […]

Cloak & Dagger – Trailer

The trailer for Marvel Television’s Cloak & Dagger dropped today, and I really liked it. Sure, it went a bit heavy on the whole YA (Young Adult) angle, though when you take into account that it’s airing on Freeform–a name that sounds more like a type of women’s undergarment than a television network–which was formerly […]

Postmortem: The Fury (1978)

I am mystified why Brian DePalma’s The Fury (based on the novel by John Farris) hasn’t been remade because not only would the movie benefit from a more timely interpretation (in these days of government programs we often don’t completely understand, but fear a reboot could potentially find a very receptive audience) and a more […]