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Cynthia Mort’s Nina–a movie that revolves famed chanteuse Nina Simone’s often turbulent life–is not the type of movie that is typically of interest to me, though what I find fascinating is why Zoe Saldana was cast in the role–especially considering the brouhaha over Gods Of Egypt and Aloha.

And sure, I get it that Saldana is in the position to get movies made, when another actress, perhaps more closely resembling Simone, might not be able to.

That being said, there are scenes in the trailer were Zoe Saldana is clearly wearing blackface–which is necessary since she’s depicting a woman who’s darker-skinned than she is–which it should go without saying, that a darker-skinned actress wouldn’t have to do.

And of course, the patron saint of Easily Won Causes–except for a few outliers, you could count the famous people openly sympathetic to Bill Cosby one one hand–Judd Apatow has to chime in, though I get the feeling that before this is over he might wish he hadn’t because he’s clearly out of his depth.


And it has nothing to do with Apatow being a white person, though for someone as sarcastic as his Tweet implies, it might do good for him to cast a few black women as leads in his own movies.

Though I get the feeling that for Judd Apatow, it’s okay to comment on the actions of others, as long as he doesn’t have to live up to the very same ideas he espouses.

‘The Book Of Life’ Trailer 1 & 2

Guillermo del Toro, coming off the success of How To Train Your Dragon 2 (it’s earned over $535 million worldwide) has also produced the upcoming The Book of Life.  Judging from the trailer it looks like it could be fun but I have a few caveats:  First, it’s a cartoon that revolves around the Mexican Day of the Dead, yet there’s only one main actor–Diego Luna–who’s Spanish (Zoe Saldana doesn’t count.  She was born in New Jersey and and later, when she was 10, moved to the Dominican Republic with her family).

Looking at the credits on IMDB that’s actually not the case, but I hope they don’t end up window-dressing in a movie that’s about an aspect of their culture.

3 Hurdles Marvel’s ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Overcame To Be One Of The Biggest Movies Of The Summer

Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy opened in the United States last week, and looks to have a very bright future, seeing that based on advanced buzz along, Marvel has already locked in a sequel for 2017 while Thursday it earned $11.2 million, besting established franchises like The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Transformers: Age of Extinction and Captain America: The Winter Soldier for a Thursday debut.

Worldwide, its earned over $160 million; pretty impressive for a movie that’s based on a bunch of characters literally no one was familiar with before the movie.

Though what’s most interesting is how risky a venture it actually is, for I think three reasons:

  • First, there’s nothing like Guardians of the Galaxy.  Marvel Studios features, from Iron Man to The Avengers, have always featured a balance of action as well as humor.  That’s has always been a part of the Marvel formula, but Guardians is different.  Some have described it as a comedy, and while there’s plenty that funny, it’s more a case of viewers caring and being invested in the characters–particularly Groot and Rocket–that they come off as fully-realized characters that just happen to be a raccoon and an alien tree, as opposed to just a bunch of pixels.
  • Second, as many have stated prior, there are no recognizable characters in Guardians of the Galaxy (other than Thanos, and I think it’s reasonably same to assume that no one is seeing it for him–which is something that Sony should keep in mind before doing a movie based on The Sinister Six, most of whom are unknown to most viewers and whom are also villains) which goes without saying is a huge risk, made even more so when you take into account that it was directed by James Gunn, who prior directed two smaller films, Slither and Super, which cost 17.5 million to produce.

For both movies.  While Guardians cost $170 million.

And when you combine this fact with the fact that Gunn doesn’t particularly like making movies (around the 12: 58 mark) then the odds were more than even that Guardians could have potentially been Marvel’s weakest performer, if not a box office failure.

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Five Reasons Why Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Will Be A Massive Success

The Internets are filled with all sorts of reasons why Marvel Studios’ upcoming “Guardians Of The Galaxy” could potentially be in trouble, but most of the justifications that I have come upon don’t hold water.  That’s why I listed below five assorted reasons why “Guardians Of The Galaxy,” supposedly, won’t do well, and the reason why the reason is a bunch of hooey.

  • No One Knows Who The Heck The “Guardians Of The Galaxy” Are

It’s true.  If you were to ask ten random people who the “Guardians Of The Galaxy” are, you’ll probably be met by looks of confusion.  That’s perfectly OK, because there was another Marvel character that most people had never heard of, called Iron Man, who despite the lack of name recognition, earned over $585 million worldwide.  Part of the success of that film had more than a little to do with Robert Downey, Jr. and his reputation, which wasn’t very good (the arrogance, the cocky attitude Tony Stark displayed is almost Downey Jr. playing himself)  at the time.

Like “Iron Man,” a strength of the upcoming ‘Guardians’ is in the casting.  Zoe Saldana, Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, Benicio del Toro, Michael Rooker, all actors at the height of their powers, together in one film.  It seems to play to virtually every demographic: women, young men, and children, which is always a very good thing.

It’s also worth mentioning that Chris Pratt plays a character that appears to be a take on Indiana Jones, which might help to draw older viewers that remember the character from “Raiders Of The Lost Ark” and hopefully weren’t too put out about Indy’s last outing “Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull.”

And here’s a little information for those people who have no idea who the team are.

The characters you see in the trailer are the second the second incarnation of the team.  The original series came into being in 1969, and if you thought that Peter Quill/Star Lord, Gamorra, Drax, Rocket and Groot are strange, imagine how people would react to Martinex (a crystalline being from Pluto), Charlie-27 (a human who’s bred to live on Jupiter.  Because of the difference in gravity between that planet and Earth, he’s stronger and denser than other humans), Major Vance Astro (a time traveler of sorts), and Yondu (a blue-skinned archer who hasn’t yet appeared in a trailer for ‘Guardians,’ despite being in the movie).

Image courtesy of Marvel Wiki

Image courtesy of Marvel Wiki

In fact, Star Lord was more of an independent contractor when he first appeared in “Marvel Preview” in 1976.  At the time he had a sentient starship, and looked nothing like the version of the character that came to join ‘Guardians.’

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