‘Akira’ Director Found

Originally, Alan Hughes was in the director’s seat for Warner Brothers’ “Akira,” then he suddenly wasn’t.  Now, according to Aintitcool.com, that seat has been taken by Jaume Callet-Sierra.  He’s done four films so far, “House of Wax,” “Goal II: Living The Dream,” “Orphan,” and “Unknown.”

Of those four films, I saw “House of Wax.”  It wasn’t great, but it did have some interesting ideas, visually speaking (then there was the death of Paris Hilton’s character, which strangely undid virtually all shortcomings).

Unfortunately, that particular scene isn’t embedable because of, I assume, its violent nature (though strangely enough it’s similar to the feeling I get whenever she turns up in the news for little more than taking up space).

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