Galaxy Of Terror

Despite being a film who’s sole claim to fame was that James Cameron (of “Titanic” and “Avatar” fame) handled the art direction, “Galaxy of Terror” was a lot more than a low-budget “Alien” knockoff.  It had cool spaceships and interesting underlying themes (namely that facing your fears gives you power over them).

Sure, the end result was that, more often than not, what you feared was also what killed you, though the greets problem was that the film ignored its own rules whenever it found it convenient, which generally was to advance the story.

The structure on this planet, Morgantus, was created originally as some sort of alien toy, with the purpose that their children wouldn’t be victim to what scared them.  Unfortunately, this idea only works if you’re consistent, which this film wasn’t.

For instance, if someone or something is – literally – trying to kill you, we have already moved beyond feats, since there is something  ACTUALLY out to get you.

So, under the circumstances it makes sense for you to be afraid, since your problem isn’t in your imagination.

Then there’s the way that, when the crew of a rescue ship finds their sister ship, the Remus, abandoned, wrecked, and filled with corpses, that they destroy every body they come upon., when an autopsy would probably be more than a little bit useful (in all fairness a character refers to this very tendency later in the film).

All in all, “Galaxy of Terror” is an interesting film sci-fi/horror film–despite its low budget–with an intriguing premise and well-worth a remake.

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