The Wachowskis’ Return To The Big Screen

The Wachowskis,’ Lana and Larry, not been represented on the big screen since 2003’s Matrix Revolutions, will be back with a film based upon David Mitchell’s novel, Cloud Atlas.

The film is so ambitious that besides the Wachowski’s, Tom Twyker (if you haven’t seen “The International” catch it because it not only successfully depicts a bank that’s in the middle of some criminal malfeasance, but is perhaps one of the most gorgeously photographed films in memory) will be directing as well.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, since the novel involves time travel, the film will as well, though in a very novel manner.

Tom Twyker will handle the parts of the film that involve the past, while the Wachowskis’ will handle those that take place in the future.  Supposedly the film will involve two crews, and will shoot parallel to each other.

Many films come together in the editing booth, though as far as I am aware this film will be one of the first to combine the talents and visions of differing directors, using different crews but the same actors,  in a fashion that yields one picture.

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