Seattle’s Real-Life Superheroes

When I watch films like “Iron Man,” or any of the Batman films (that managed to avoid Joel Schumacher and his excesses) part of me wonders:  “Could I be a superhero?”

This particular line of inquiry lasts only as long as it takes to realize that when someone kicks or punches you in real life, it hurts.

It’s even worse when your opponent knows what they’re doing, as opposed to someone who had seen too many kung-fu movies, and somehow expects to mysteriously gain abilities that are oftentimes the result of years of martial arts training (and occasionally blatantly obvious wire-work).

So, I guess that I could not be a superhero because I really don’t want to increase the likelihood that someone ends up beating the living crap out of me.  That being said, I like to think that I could survive a beating, though I am not sure that my pride would recover from going from the saver, to the savee.

Then there’s the gun-happy society that we live it.  I can avoid a lot of things, but bullets propelled from a gun isn’t one of them.

Some people clearly don’t have such misgivings, like Phoenix Jones, a self-styled superhero who patrols the streets of Seattle.

And it appears that Jones isn’t working alone.  What is it about Seattle that would compel a person to dress up in a costume and fight crime?  Is it really that bad out there?

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