‘Youngblood, The Movie’ (or Another Sign of the Apocalypse)

According to Comicbookmovie.com, Rob Liefeld is talking about a movie version of “Youngblood.”

This is a very, very, bad idea because Liefeld is a decent artist who has has no understanding whatsoever of how the human body is proportioned.

He was a big name for awhile, when comics came polybagged, and numerous variant covers were the thing comic companies used to get buyers into the shops.  It was a time, around thirteen or so years ago, when comics were less about enjoyment than investment.

Another issue I have with Liefeld is that, besides being a mediocre artist, is that it appears that he’s a bit of a douche, which is worse because I could excuse the badly proportioned art if he were at least a decent person, and humble enough to know that the world doesn’t revolve around him.

That appears not to be the case.

Then there’s Brett Ratner‘s involvement, supposedly as a producer.  Considering what Ratner did to the third X-Men film, it makes me think that “Youngblood” will be that rare coming together of craptastic elements, birthing a mess of truly epic proportions.

Above is a cover of “X-Force” that Liefeld drew.  It only hints at how mediocre an artist this guy is.

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