Listen Bastiches! The Main Man Is Coming!

I am not a huge fan of DC Comics, though I do like a few of their characters, which is why when their movies don’t work it bothers me.

I mean, if Marvel Studios screws up–they haven’t so far, but bear with me–then I can just lick my wounds and go on because they have done well so far, and there are many other characters that I am familiar with.

DC, not so much, so it hits harder when they mess up.

For instance, Green Lantern has always been one of my favorite superheroes, so imagine my dismay when the film ended up being really mediocre.  I enjoy the ‘Batman’ films, though director Chris Nolan’s attempt to place the character so firmly in the real world sucks a lot of the enjoyment out of watching the movies.

By which I mean, the Batman films are a lot of things, but a fun time at the movies isn’t one of them.

I grew up on Vertigo’s “Hellraiser” (‘Vertigo’ is an imprint of DC Comics) and when I heard that a movie was being created about John Constantine’s adventures, I was psyched, till I heard that Keanu Reeves was playing the title character.

My problem with that is that Keanu Reeves looks nothing like John Constantine–Reeves has black hair, Constantine is blond; Reeves is American, Constantine is British.  Reeves at the time was relatively young (I assume in his late twenties, early thirties). Constantine may have been the same age, though he was alway portrayed as world-weary, and morally ambiguous.

John Constantine was a man that managed to trick demons numerous times, though he wore the price he paid etched upon his face.  Keanu Reeves had no lines, few wrinkles and no scars there to show the difficult path he had to tread.

Keanu Reeves seems like a good person, but he’s not a terribly strong actor, while John Constantine is a very nuanced character, who (I would have liked to think) demanded someone better able to do him justice.

So when I heard from Deadline that Lobo (the huge guy in the comic cover on the left) was getting the feature film treatment, I must admit that it made me a bit nervous Green Lantern is an easier character to translate to film, and look what they did to him.

By the way, I have always thought that Tim Roth would have made a perfect John Constantine (despite being a bit short).

2 thoughts on “Listen Bastiches! The Main Man Is Coming!

  1. Have you actually seen Constantine ?

    I thought Keanu pulled of the world-weariness quite well. And since he was born in 1964, he would have been fortyish when Constantine was filmed (not late twenties, early thirties).

    1. No, but I read the comic that it was based upon for–literally–years, so I have always had a good idea who should play the character, and Keanu Reeves would never be on my list.

      The problem being that he looks nothing like the character, and he lacks the acting chops.

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