Lionsgate Has Found A Director For ‘Catching Fire’

And according to Deadline, it’s Francis Lawrence.  Lawrence directed NBC’s short-lived series “Kings,” as well as “Constantine” and “I Am Legend” and most recently, “Water For Elephants.”

So why is it that I think he’s not a great choice?  Is it because he cast Keanu Reeves as John Constantine (from the Vertigo comics series, Hellblazer).

Sure, it came out in 2005, and sure, I haven’t seen it, but Keanu Reeves!?

Yeah, I am that bitter.

“I Am Legend” was OK, till the blatantly obviously CGI vampires decided to make an appearance.

“Catching Fire” will be following on the heels of “The Hunger Games,” which has currently earned over $500 million worldwide, so it will take an awful film to kill that kind of momentum.

Then again, stranger things have happened.

Part of the relevance is that Artisan Entertainment was purchased by, wait for it….Lionsgate.

4 thoughts on “Lionsgate Has Found A Director For ‘Catching Fire’

  1. I understand your trepidation when it comes to this new director. But I am actually tentatively OK with the choice of Lawrence as director. His previous films (Constantine, Water for Elephants, I Am Legend) all have one thing in common: they are very visually striking. He has proven that he can capture that cinematic feel that ‘The Hunger Games’ trilogy calls for. And as far as Keanu Reeves, isn’t there a casting director somewhere to blame for that? I am reservedly hopeful about this next film.

  2. Maybe you should just watch Constantine. You might even change your mind about Keanu (unlikely since you seem to have a big prejudice against him, but you never know).

    1. You misunderstand, jvy. I have nothing against Keanu Reeves. I mean, besides the fact that I don’t actually know him, he probably loves his mom, America, and his legions of fans. No, my problem is that he was cast in a role that he was not fit for and (probably) was too much for him.

      In other words, he doesn’t have the acting chops–never mind that he looks nothing like John Constantine–to play the role.

      I understand that the casting of a film is dictated by more than just who would better fit the part, but nonetheless Reeves was not a good choice.

      I grew up on Vertigo’s Hellraizer comics (one of the few DC Comics I thought interesting enough to actively seek out when I used to collect), and knew in the depths of my heart that someone like Tim Roth would have been a perfect John Constantine.

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