Trailer Into REaction: Chaos Walking (2020) | Official Trailer

Why isn’t this movie called “Chaos Rising” again? Anyway, the history of Lionsgate’s Chaos Walking has been a pretty – pardon the pun – chaotic one. The first cut of Doug Liman’s movie was considered unreleasable which is interesting because “first” anything implies “second” or even “third” so the studio couldn’t just recut Liman’s cut […]

‘Top Five’ Trailer

Chris Rock’s Top Five was huge at the Toronto Film Festival, sparking a bidding war among studios like Lionsgate, CBS Films and Relativity, with Paramount coming out as the eventual victor.  Having seen the trailer, it looks interesting, but I am not quite what the supposedly frantic bidding was about.

‘Hunger Games’ Dethroned!

I wrote a week or so ago about ‘Hunger Games fatigue,’ that is, despite the millions of young adults–and not-so-young adults–that are fans of the books, there was no way that it could maintain its stranglehold over the North American box office for too much longer. Everything that goes up–assuming that it does not escape […]

Lionsgate Has Found A Director For ‘Catching Fire’

And according to Deadline, it’s Francis Lawrence.  Lawrence directed NBC’s short-lived series “Kings,” as well as “Constantine” and “I Am Legend” and most recently, “Water For Elephants.” So why is it that I think he’s not a great choice?  Is it because he cast Keanu Reeves as John Constantine (from the Vertigo comics series, Hellblazer). […]

‘The Hunger Games’ Devours The Competition

Lionsgate’s “The Hunger Games,” is making box office history, with the fifth best opening ever.  Worldwide receipts have reached $214 million, on a budget of $78 million. This is what happens with you take a popular book–one aimed primarily at teenage readers–with a smart (and relatively inexpensive) advertising campaign by Lionsgate. Hopefully Disney and other […]

Hulu And Netflix Move To Original Programming

Entities like Hulu and Netflix, which rely for content on television and film studios, are at their mercy when the time comes to renegotiate contracts to stream content.  Both players, in a bit to add distinctiveness beyond studio-acquired content, are now creating their own.  Netflix recently announced a deal with Jenji Kohan, the creator of Showtime’s […]