Trailer Into REaction: Chaos Walking (2020) | Official Trailer

Why isn’t this movie called “Chaos Rising” again?

Anyway, the history of Lionsgate’s Chaos Walking has been a pretty – pardon the pun – chaotic one. The first cut of Doug Liman’s movie was considered unreleasable which is interesting because “first” anything implies “second” or even “third” so the studio couldn’t just recut Liman’s cut is a bit confusing.

Though reading the article you get the feeling that Lionsgate – the studio producing the movie – is throwing good money after bad, which is a problem when you consider that it already costs $100 million.

And the article mentions reshoots, though what it doesn’t mention is that reshoots typically are factored into a movie’s budget.

Which is another way of saying that if it’s planned right it doesn’t add to costs because it comes from the original budget.

Though all that aside, the first trailer is a mess. I don’t understand why things are happening or why, and while Holland and Ridley are good actors, I don’t see a reason why I’d see this movie and it should go without saying that if you can’t cut a trailer that gives a reason for seeing your movie, then why should you bother?

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