‘Flight’ Review

“Flight” is a intriguing character study about a man who needed to hit bottom before he could reach the top.

Can we just give Denzel Washington the Oscar already?  His performance in Robert Zemeckis’ “Flight” is not only brilliant, but nuanced and daring.  Washington, unlike many actors (such as Tom Cruise) is not afraid to be unattractive, either as a person, or physically (that hospital robe shot was not something that I would ever ask for).

It’s that daring that will probably guarantee him an Academy Award.  And if John Goodman isn’t there for Best Supporting Actor, then something is wrong with the universe because, between “Flight” and “Argo, “ the man definitely deserves an acknowledgement of his interesting and varied work.

“Flight” lasts a bit over two hours, but the time passes relatively briskly.  Denzel Washington is virtually on screen about 90% of the time, but his performance is such that you never grow tired of seeing him, despite that he plays a character that is so vain, so confident in his abilities that nothing matters to him–not his family, not the people in his care as a pilot, not his friends–matter as much as his next drink.

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