Why There Will Be a ‘Tron: Legacy’ Sequel (Or Doubters, I Told You So!)

Tron_Legacy_posterA bigger man would just be happy that Disney has put a sequel to 2010’s “Tron: Legacy” on a fast track, and leave it at that.

Luckily for me, I have never been that big a man because for years on various message boards I have said that there would be a sequel, if only because it made just over $400 million at the box-office (and that’s not including monies from DVD sales, toys, and related merchandise) on a budget of $170 million (though what I wished I definitely knew if a production budget included things like advertising costs, or is that’s separate).

Now that’s not a huge amount of money (based upon what the film cost) but it isn’t a failure either.

On various sites, such as Superherohype and Aint It Cool News! (if you go through the postings, I am ‘makneil.’), I have had to deal with the doubters that–for reasons that tended to go beyond whether or not they liked the film or not)–believed that there should be no sequel.

Though as far as I could see, that there would be a sequel is fairly obvious.  Besides the money it brought in, there’s the fact that the original film came out in 1982, so a sequel would be relatively unknown to the movie going public.

That’s why “Tron: Legacy’s” earnings were looked upon so positively, when it was all said and done: The original film came out in 1982, the sequel 30 years later.

That it did so well, under the circumstances, was missed by many.

Another fact that’s not remembered is that the original film was not that successful, achieving primarily cult status.

When you look at the variables that I have considered, there’s was little doubt about the way Disney would go.

I expect DreamWorks’ “Rise of the Guardians” to take a similar path.  It’s currently performing somewhat weak domestically, earning slightly less than half its production budget ($145 million) but has almost earned that amount overseas ($119.4 million).

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