‘FUSE’ Video Game Trailer

ImageI have never heard of FUSE till I received an email from Electronic Arts.  Having looked at there trailer, I have to admit that I like what I see.

I particularly enjoyed the camaraderie between the characters, and would have been so happy to see one of them say “It’s not my fault!” in the most Indiana Jones-esque fashion they could muster.

Lacking that, it still looks like a lot of fun.  It goes without saying that the game seems particularly violent, which I don’t particularly mind though with another (seemingly) demented person going off and shooting a lot of people who didn’t do anything to warrant it (I am not sure what anyone could do to deserve such a fate) people are on edge about any form of media that displays a reckless disregard for life.

The trailer is also not for children (despite it being almost tame compared to most of the stuff that’s out there).

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