‘Battle Of The Planets’ Feature Film Trailer

One of the cartoons I grew up on was “Battle Of The Planets,” which featured the adventures of G Force (which, according to Wikipedia I haven’t actually seen at all, which is a really odd feeling), five teenagers with special powers.  They are, Mark, Jason (the bad-ass member of the team that seemed to defer to Mark for some strange reason), Tiny and Keyop (which I really want to spell as ‘Cheop,’ as in Egypt) and Princess.

After all, I knew that the version that I was was dubbed into English, though I assumed that it was essentially the same program.

The version that we saw in this country was edited significantly from that was released elsewhere (and typically, all the stuff that makes anime interesting, such as gratuitous violence and sex, were  removed for domestic consumption).

The trailer for the live action film is below.

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