‘Snowpiercer’ Under The Knife

Snowpiercer posterSnowpiercer, the latest film by Bong Joon-ho, is soon to be released domestically, after premiering to enthusiastic crowds in South Korea and opening bigger than any other film in that country’s history.

Now, my question is:  Wouldn’t you want to see this film as the director intended, as opposed to it being cut especially for the American market?

Well, The Weinstein Company doesn’t think so, which is why they are forcing the director to cut 20 minutes from his film.

Are such cuts necessary?  I have no idea, but considering that it will be a fait accompli by the time the film premieres here, I suspect that I may never know – short of The Weinstein Company releasing a uncut version on DVD in a cynical money grab.

Though, if the cuts go through, I think that I will forgo “Snowpiercer” in theaters, and wait for the cynical money grab.

Which I really hate to do because I think that Bong is a great director, and deserves whatever success his films can bring him, though The Weinstein Company appears to be treating him, and by extension the American public, abysmally.

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