‘Gravity’ Review


“Alfonso Cuarón’s “Gravity” is a triumph of technology and storytelling that will take your breath away.”

I went into Alfonso Cuarón’s “Gravity” expecting to be well-entertained.  After all, he’s the guy that did – for my money, the only Harry Potter film worth caring about, “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” and well as the incredible “Children of Men” (which is even more remarkable when you consider that it’s significantly better than the P.D. James book it’s based upon).

So I went into this movie with expectations extremely high, somewhere on par with the Hubble Space Telescope, which is being repaired when the film opens (I also had no idea why a medical doctor was in space repairing a telescope, but this film is so awesome that I didn’t even notice it till Neil deGrasse Tyson brought it up).

And boy, does “Gravity” deliver.

This movie is tense, exciting and claustrophobic, sometimes all in the same scene.  Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are both excellent, though Bullock deserves the brunt of the praise because she – essentially – carries this movie.

And she does so quite capably (which is a bit hard for me to write because as an actress I never particularly cared for her, though she’s brought her A-game here).

The technological hurdles Alfonso Cuarón had to overcome to make this film were considerable, yet what’s most amazing is that all that technology is almost invisible.  Most films of this nature I would have spent the brunt of my time trying to figure out how some bit of technological wizardry was accomplished done, having lost interest in the story and the characters telling it.

I started watching this film in that fashion, though I noticed as it progressed that I became so involved that the technology because invisible to me, which is the highest praise I can give.

In closing, “Gravity” is brilliant, immersive, and a remarkable bit of storytelling that demands to be seen in 3D and Imax because a film this remarkable demands projection that’s up to the task.


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