‘Fright Night 2: New Blood’ Review

Fright Night 2: New Blood poster

“”Fright Night 2: New Blood” has some interesting ideas despite being a carbon copy of Tom Holland’s “Fright Night, which is kinda meta because it’s actually a sequel to the 2011 reboot of that film.”  

I recently watched Eduardo Rodriguez‘s “Frightnight 2: New Blood” (the sequel to the 2011 reboot by Craig Gillespie, not the original “Fright Night, which was directed by Tom Holland) and I have to admit that it had some interesting things going for it.  The vampire in this film is the sister of the first film’s vampire, and her coming into being is based upon the legend of Elizabeth Báthory (who lived in the 1500’s and who was rumored to bathe in the blood of girls).

That’s a pretty nice touch.  Another was that the vampires could track their prey via echolocation, though having seen it, I wonder why it has appeared in no other films I can recall.

None of the original cast (of “Frightnight,” not “Fright Night”) return this time around, and that’s OK because I actually liked Will Payne (Charlie Brewster), Chris Waller (Evil Ed) and Sean Power (Peter Vincent) better than the actors that played them in the original film.

Though Fright Night 2’s greatest problem is that it is literally the first film – Tom Holland’s, not Craig Gillespie’s – all over again.  I am not exaggerating when I write that it differed in only small ways – it took place in Romania, not California being the most significant.

Other than that, you might as well watch the original film, which is better than the original reboot, and it’s sequel.


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