Daredevil (2015) Ep. 5: World On Fire


In an enclosed space, Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) can not only taste copper in the air, a useful talent if there’s someone is bleeding nearby, but can also hear the sound a person’s bones make when they are shifting when broke.

That’s not a superpower in the same neighborhood as flight or super-strength, but it’s pretty adjacent in terms of awesomeness.

This episode we get to see events from Daredevil’s perspective, and it’s infinitely more interesting than what we got in the 2003 movie (partially because–at least so far) the series doesn’t dwell on it.

The title of the episode, World On Fire, has a dual meaning.  It’s how Daredevil describes the world he sees through his enhanced senses, and also what Fisk intends to do in his conflict with the Russian mob.

We get to see Fisk building his criminal empire, so in a way he’s not yet the Kingpin (though he’s certainly on the way to becoming him) and we see how far the tendrils of his influence stretch.

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