‘The New Kind’ Review – “The Ordinary World”

The New Kind

I am always on the lookout for good sci-fi, so imagine my surprise to find a Tweet from Peter Hyoguchi.  He’s created a web series called “The New Kind.” It takes place in a dark, dystopian future, where the greatest hope for us all lies in some young people that happen to be the next stage in human evolution.

Over 200 VFX artists from all over the world have contributed to the web series, and some of their work – especially for a web series – looks particularly innovative.  I have seen the first episode, “The Ordinary World,” and like the grand scope and ambition of it.

That being said, there’s an over-reilance on CGI – I understand its use in cases where the filmmakers are trying to create digital environments for characters that would be too expensive to do practically, though when the ‘mechs’ enter the picture, things get a bit less interesting.

Besides, I can tell that there are interesting human stories that Hyoguchi is trying to tell, which all the technology on display distracts from.

Welcome to Tomorrow.  Welcome to “The New Kind.”


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