‘The Loved Ones’ Review

The Loved Ones

“If There’s Any Justice,”The Loved Ones” Will Rank Among The Better Horror Films Ever Made”

When someone lists the best horror films of 2012, if Sean Byrne‘s “The Loved Ones” isn’t somewhere on it, then you’ll know that the list isn’t worth the time spent compiling it.  It’s well-acted, Xavier Samuel, Robin Leavy and John Brumpton are remarkable, and needs far more attention than I am aware of it having received

That’s not to say that it’s perfect.  There’s a subplot that goes on for way too long (there’s a reason for it being there though it doesn’t work nearly as well as the director thinks it does) but the main plot line is so intense, it acts as a bit of a breather.

I went into this cold, and the movie just drew me in. I should also mention that it passed my official barometer of movie goodness, which I call ‘The Distraction Test.”

Everyone has their variation of The Test.  For some it’s a video game played on their iOS or Android device, or when they go to get something to eat.  For others it’s the time to make a call that was wasn’t all that crucial only a few minutes prior.

For me, it’s the second monitor connected to my iMac (and occasionally “Plants Vs. Zombies) which means that I can, if a movie isn’t engaging me, do other things while it plays, such as typing a blog post or reading (I usually begin the day with MacDailyNews, then make my way to various places all over the Internet).

In other words:  If a movie is really good, it gets my full attention. If it’s not, it gets less (0n a sliding scale, I might add).

“The Loved Ones” got my attention, big time.

I went into this movie cold.  I had no idea what it was about or how things were going to go, which is probably why I enjoyed it so much.

And speaking of which, I am not ongoing to reveal virtually anything about the film, other than the trailer and poster, because the less you know, the better it will be.

2 thoughts on “‘The Loved Ones’ Review

  1. Good review Brian. Pretty crazy movie, but man, does it shock the hell out of you with where it goes. Makes me happy that I went to prom, with who I went with.

    • As I said, I went into it having no idea what it was about (In fact, I barely noticed the poster), so it had a feel of a supernatural drama at first, then things went pear-shaped really quickly.

      It’s brilliant, and deserves to be seen by more people (and I pray they don’t ‘Americanize’ it).

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