‘Sharknado’ Review


“If you go into a movie called “Sharknado” – as I did – expecting anything more than schlock with mediocre CGI, be prepared for some seriously dashed hopes.”

I recall writing a few days ago that the movie “Zombie Massacre” was pretty bad, but a least you could tell that the filmmakers loved the subject matter.

“Sharknado” is a prime illustration of what happens when no one gives a damn.  It’s filled with lots of mediocre-looking CGI sharks – and even worse practical ones on occasion – and acting that makes “Zombie Massacre” look much, much better by comparison.

And the worse thing is that the director, Anthony Ferrante, actually did the pretty decent horror film, “Boo,” though I suspect that my enjoyment of that film had more to do with the cinematographer being Dean Cundey (who’s best known for his work with John Carpenter).  What’s curious for me is that IMDB doesn’t list Cundey as working on Ferrante’s film in any capacity, though I am reasonably sure he did.

I was having a conversation with Moviefreak92 earlier this morning, and while she really wanted to see this movie, I had my reservations – the whole concept is sort so dopey.  That being said, if the filmmakers even tried to make this the least bit plausible, I could have gone along with it.  Which reminds me, I could even accept that sharks were caught in a waterspout (after all, stranger things have happened) but that they were all alive is a bit much because I know that most sharks have to swim to breathe – the motion of moving water over their gills allows them to do so – but wouldn’t be spun around at such remarkable speeds suffocate them?

There I go again, applying some sort of logic to a movie that has none.

And by the way, apropos of nothing, doesn’t that ferris wheel that goes rolling down the street early in the film look like the wheel of a 10-speed bicycle?


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