Get A Job – Trailer

About a half hour ago I disassembled–then reassembled–my iMac.  Seeing that I am just not that intellectually curious, I had to have a very pressing reason for doing so. And that reason is that I wasn’t going to pay anyone to do what I could do myself, with a little effort. What interests me about Get A […]

‘Pride’ Review

“”Pride” Is A Prime Example Of Why The MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) Has Outgrew Its Usefulness.” It’s normal, as humans, to try to define the world around us in as concise a manner as possible.  And it makes sense because when we were evolving as a species there were probably many instances where […]

‘Sharknado’ Review

“If you go into a movie called “Sharknado” – as I did – expecting anything more than schlock with mediocre CGI, be prepared for some seriously dashed hopes.” I recall writing a few days ago that the movie “Zombie Massacre” was pretty bad, but a least you could tell that the filmmakers loved the subject […]

The Devil Or A Uwe Boll Movie

Either way, I lose (probably). I just noticed that there’s a new horror movie, “Zombie Massacre,” on Netflix.  It’s directed by Uwe Boll – no matter what you think about his films, you have to admit that he’s makes a lot of ’em.  You’d think just by the sheer number, he’s directed 30 and produced […]