Trailer Into REaction: Blind (2019) | Official UK Trailer

Few things bother me more than movies that refuse to acknowledge that being physically disabled might be hard for a person to contend with.

I get it that people want to see entertainment that’s inspirational and makes one feel proud. That being said, being blind – for example – for people that are not accustomed to being so is probably terrifying which is why I really like the trailer for Blind.

The protagonist is a woman who seems to have been blind for a relatively short period of time (how long that is, as I mention in my reaction trailer, I have no idea) though she’s uncertain of herself and the world around her in a way a sighted person will likely never know.

She’s also not attuned to her living space, so apparently she’s unaware that her space has been invaded by someone that “loves” her, and apparently isn’t terribly tolerant of anyone else.

What I like about this particular approach is that there’re plenty of paths for growth, so while she starts the movie relatively afraid and uncertain, potentially she might end up stronger and more capable.

It’s a journey you don’t get when people are so confident in their disability that they don’t appear physically different that a non-whatever person.

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