An Asylum Used To House Insane People…

And as far as I am aware, they still do though it’s also the name of a studio that seems to operate on a similar principal.  What they are known for doing is taking a more established property, like “Battleship,” “Robocop” or “Pacific Rim” and regurgitating “American Warship (which was called ‘American Battleship’ before Universal’s lawyers got to them.  They needn’t have bothered)” “Android Cop” and “Atlantic Rim,” which the guys over at Half In The Bag have already taken a look at.

The quality won’t be as good as the films that “inspired” them, nor will the acting.  That being said, I have been watching some of their trailers, and have noticed that the grade of actor that appears in their productions seems to be increasing.

For instance, “Android Cop” stars Charles S. Dutton and Michael Jai White, two actors, particularly Dutton, who have been seen in significantly better work.

Which reminds me:  The Asylum seems to be changing, becoming more legitimate and creating films that you can watch shame-free.

For instance, I recently watched “The Bell Witch Haunting” on Netflix a few days ago, which I didn’t know going in was an Asylum project.  It was actually pretty decent.

One way you could look at it is as a ripoff on the ‘Paranormal Activity’ films–which would be perfectly valid–but it actually ended up a bit more engaging than those films tended to be (which admittedly isn’t the highest bar to reach).   The acting wasn’t great, but it wasn’t like most other Asylum productions, which means barely watchable.

And that’s the most interesting thing.  Their whole business model may be in the process of changing:  From makes of copy-cat schlock to (at least) watchable films inspired by current releases.

If it were any other company I wouldn’t be too impressed, though for these guys it looks to be an change for the better.

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