Sources For Daredevil’s (2015) New Suit

Daredevil (comics)
Daredevil’s original costume

I have learned reading various blogs that most people love Netflix’s interpretation of Daredevil, though they aren’t too crazy about the fact that his suit isn’t closer to the one that appears in the comics.

And that’s perfectly valid, though think about it for a moment:  If the Netflix series was aiming for anything, it was realism.  Sure, a heightened realism, but realism nonetheless.

And that being the case, there’s no way that he would be wearing such a thin–you can literally see every muscle on his body–suit.

Why not?  Body armor.  There’s no way that you could include effective body armor in a suit so thin.  Even it if were composed of kevlar, it’s thinness would limit its effectiveness.

In numerous episodes Matt Murdock mentions that he’s going to need body armor–and considering the way he fights it makes sense!–but seeing that the series is aiming for a more realistic tone, there’s no way that he would go with his traditional costume from the comics.

Daredevil from Daredevil 321 (Fall From Grace)

This is also Daredevil, his blue suit from the Fall From Grace storyline (Daredevil No. 321).  It’s didn’t go over too well with his fans, and was quickly retired.

The thing is, it’s on the right track and makes a little more sense than his traditional red costume–it at least provides something in the way of armor.

But, like most armor drawn in comics, it’s not exactly practical (there’s nothing to absorb impact beyond the armor itself), which means that any force will be transferred to the wearer.

Daredevil Netflix
Daredevil (2015) – Netflix

If you look at his costume from the Netflix series it takes design features from both the red and blue suits, though thematically I would argue that it’s closer to the blue costume in that it tries to approach the character from a more realistic angle, which means that there’s going to be signfincantly more padding than most fans of the character are accustomed to.

But if you ask me, what is most important is that the makers of the series remain faithful to the way the character looks, will treating the costume with more logic.

And I think that they did really well.


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