Fantastic Four Reviews Have Begun Trickling In…

Fantastic Four reviews have begun trickling in, and if they’re any indicator, the movie is in trouble.

Todd McCarthy at The Hollywood Reporter says that Fantastic Four “offers glimmers of good things to come in its final moments, but only after the audience has slogged through yet another dispiriting origin story and yet another Earth-rescuing battle in a bland, CG-created nowhere land…

Alonso Duralde of The Wrap begins his review with, ” A sense of heaviness, gloom and complete disappointment settles in during the second half…

And that’s the first line of Duralde’s review, so it’s pretty easy to see where he’s going from there.

That being said. you shouldn’t judge whether or not you see a movie based on what someone else thinks about it, though it’s worth taking into account when you’re deciding what movie to see this weekend.

I expect that the hard core comic geeks will turn out, but don’t be surprised if, like the Human Torch, Fantastic Four flares brightly, then quickly vanishes from the box office.

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