And Because No One Asked, Here’s More Fantastic Four Reviews…

More reviews of Fantastic Four are in, and if they have one thing in common, it’s that that they think that Josh Trank’s movie is pretty mediocre.

What’s going to save this movie, if anything, it’s that the budget is, relatively speaking, small (somewhere in the ballpark of $120 million).

According to Alan Scherstuhl at The Village Voice, “The model here isn’t adventure pulp. It’s dystopian Y.A., junked up with scenes of medical horror too scary for kids and too unpleasant to be enjoyed by anyone.”  It also goes without saying that if someone asks about your comic-based movie, “Where they fail the Four, again, is in their paucity of imagination,” you’re in trouble.

And I looked at more comic-friendly websites for a good word or two, though that wasn’t to be found by Kathy Pushko at, who said that the Fantastic Four script is  “…filled with these tendrils of ideas, left dangling and unable to come together in any semblance of making sense.

Fantastic Four Review- The Schmoes Knows

It’s your money, but based on reviews exclusively, I’d say wait for cable.

And, yeah, I really want the Fantastic Four returned to Marvel Studios, where they understand that superhero movies don’t need to be quite so serious all the time.


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