I’ve Got To Admit That Tom Holland And Stephen Amell Are Sort Of Awesome

Though I haven’t met Tom Holland, or even aware of seeing anything that he’s actually starred in, based on the videos he’s been posting to Instagram, he’s sort of awesome.

I run regularly, and tend to be a very physical person as far as exercise goes, so I find it easy to admire people who appear to be cut from the same cloth.

And I don’t know if Holland started doing so because he had his heart set on being the new Spider-Man or not, but that detracts little from how cool it is.

I don’t want for a moment to make it appear that all that’s required to play Spidey is the ability to do a few backflips (it’s not) but it’s also pretty cool that an actor can actually do that sort of thing before you add all the wire-work training and stunt doubles.

Though it doesn’t hurt.

And since I am in the mood to give credit where credit’s due, I’ve got to give a shout-out to Stephen Amell, who seems to really, really fan-driven.

And the thing is, I can’t stand Arrow (I’ve tried, but it feels just a bit soapy to me.  Besides, for awhile there was a lot of talk about how “realistic” DC movies where, which like some sort of viral flu spread to their television properties, which is somewhat ironic because they have been embracing their more fantastical roots for quite awhile now.  My point being that there’s no way, realistically speaking, that someone with a bow and arrow can movie faster than it takes to pull a trigger.  No way, no how, especially since actual physical act of drawing an arrow, cocking the it, aiming and firing is significantly more involved than using a gun).

Why The Arrow’s Archery Is Possible


Why The Arrow’s Archery Is, For The Most Part, Nonsense

Anyway, that’s my particular hang-up, though it doesn’t change that Amell seems to go out of his ways to court his fanbase, something a lot less common than you’d think.

So kudos to two actors that, for different reasons, are pretty awesome at what they do.

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