The Visual Effects of Marvel’s Daredevil

Daredevil openingWatching Netflix’s Daredevil, you’d probably be surprised to learn that a lot of the scenes that you thought were practical were actually digital.  For instance, the scene where Daredevil jumps from a window into the Hudson River?  Digital.

The fight between the titular hero and the red ninja in episode 9 – “Speak of the Devil“?  A lot of that was CGI as well (particularly Daredevil’s wounds and blood spatter).

I tend to be on the lookout for such things, yet I didn’t notice any of it which is a good reminder that CGI can be unobtrusive as well as bombastic.

Click here for an interview with Bryan Godwin, CEO and Executive VFX Supervisor for Shade VFX, the company that provided all the visual effects for Netflix’s Daredevil.

14 thoughts on “The Visual Effects of Marvel’s Daredevil

    1. I’d agree with you if it weren’t for the fact that you couldn’t necessarily pick it out when watching the series.

      I mean the Netflix series, not the Ben Affleck movie, which indeed had too much CGI (of the rubbery variety).

      1. It’s awesome because Daredevil works better with a bit of (realistic, as opposed to cartoony) violence. Besides, Netflix is also creating series based on Luke Cage (Power Man), Iron Fist and Jessica Jones, which will culminate in The Defenders!

        And Shane from The Walking Dead will appear as The Punisher in Season Two!!!!

      2. I also know Johannesburg is a city, not a country (sorry about that!). I taught English and English Literature in Lesotho in the Nineties. Whenever a break came around we’d head either to Joburg or Durban.

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