The Mummy – Teaser Trailer and Official Trailer #2

One of many problems with Stephen Sommers’ The Mummy was that it had little to do–beyond the title and a mummy–with Karl Freund’s original 1932 creature feature.

It’s sequel, The Mummy Returns, was no better, having more in common with Romancing The Stone than Freund’s movie. 

And apparently the trend of making reboots only vaguely based on the source material continues with Alex Kurtzman’s version, which if the trailer is at all accurate (and sometimes they’re not) seems to owe more to Stephen Sommers than Karl Freund.

By the way it’s worth mentioning that the early Egyptians tended to built tombs for either royalty or someone somehow connected with whomever happened to be ruling at the time.   The problem is that creating a massive tomb–and a sarcophagus more ornate than some kings would have had–is utter nonsense considering that the queen they put in it was disgraced. 

A more likelier a fate would be that her tomb would’ve been destroyed (and recycle into making other tombs), as would all statues; as would all mention of either her or her reign.

In short, she would have been wiped from history.

I think the idea of Univeral attempting to craft a universe base on monsters like Frankenstein, the Wolfman, Dracula and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is an interesting one–though I wonder why must The Mummy must play out on such a large scale, which was a problem with Sommers’ movie as well–and with all of humanity in the balance?

It feels like massiveness for massiveness’ sake, and that’s not a good thing, especially when a leaner, more intimate movie would have probably been more effective. 

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